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Virtual Reality Mobile Apps vs the Oculus Rift

Even with the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR ready to hit the consumer market later this year, I believe virtual reality (VR) content will be consumed much more often on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Mobile VR apps use a device's gyro sensor to move the screen along a 360-degree video sphere, imitating the act of looking around into a virtual space. For the ultimate VR headset experience, these apps can also switch to stereoscopic mode for viewing on Google Cardboard or other VR goggles.

Unlike the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets that will likely be priced at over $200 per set, Google Cardboard and other VR goggles for mobile devices are available on Amazon, Ebay and other online stores for much cheaper. I'm talking less than $30 with shipping.

And considering that millions of people already own a smart phone, we believe mobile is where VR is headed, and that's where DimensionGate will follow.

As of today, DimensionGate is creating scripted VR content for YouTube's 360-degree video player, but a DimensionGate iOS and Android app is currently in its planning stages.

If you can't wait, and want a good example of mobile VR app in the market right now, try downloading an iOS and Android app called VRSE.

VRSE is a gallery of VR experiences for mobile. The first VR experience is titled "Evolution of Verse" from one of my favourite music video directors, Chris Milk. I watched it on my iPhone 6 with Google Cardboard and headphones and was blown away. The video imagery was so crisp, and the sound design that rotated with my perspective was rich and multi-layered. My only qualm was the lack of live-action video footage (if there was any) as most of the imagery was computer generated. The content felt more like an animation than a film, and as a true film guy (I still love 35mm) I wanted less of the video game feel and more of a live-action movie feel, especially a live-action movie created by the dope Chris Milk.

And so I clicked "Clouds Over Sidra" which was a live-action documentary and my first glimpse of VR in 3D. Now THIS is the mobile VR experience I've been waiting for. I felt like I was teleported into a National Geographic documentary. I entered the homes of Syrian refugees. I sat in a classroom in a Syrian refugee camp.

Now, all I'm waiting for is this same quality of mobile VR and 3D filmmaking in a dramatic, scripted short film. And by the looks of all the image thumbnails of COMING SOON content in the VRSE app, I know I'll soon be in for a treat.

VRSE may very well be one of the best mobile VR experiences in the market right now, but that doesn't mean it will stay the best forever. Look out for up-and-coming VR tech innovators like Wemersive and bubl to disrupt the VR space this year.

Virtual reality is like the wild west, or the Internet in the 90's. A select few of us are daring to shape the space, and there's plenty of space to go around.

There's exciting times ahead, my friends. See you in the rift.

To learn more about our VR content prouction services, email us today.

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