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Enter the Metaverse

Hard to believe that in the last two years, it wasn’t a global pandemic that threatened to completely shift the entire VR industry. It was something even more “inceptious”.

Pre-pandemic, virtual worlds were being created by different companies on different platforms using different hardware. Now, virtual worlds are being built on blockchains that are decentralized and owned not by one company, but many companies, and people, and groups–some are even autonomous.

If you were to ask me what the goal is as a VR creator–the blue sky vision–it’s to create an experience that’s indistinguishable from our own reality. With today’s tech, that’s a far away dream, but we’re finally starting to take the first step towards it–agreeing that there can only be one, just like the reality we live in now.

We’re calling it the metaverse. This is where VR is headed, and so are we.

Rewind real quick to 2015–we were a bunch of filmmakers and storytellers, and we thought of VR as just another medium to tell stories in. We still do. We tell stories through spatial experiences. But now that those spaces are becoming more connected, integrating content from other creators, constructing narratives within the space as a community, we’ve shifted the way we think about how we tell our stories in VR. We’re working with a new medium now–the metaverse.

In the next three months, we’ll be dropping three projects on the Ethereum blockchain, with the goal of filling the metaverse with stories that will be experienced and not consumed. And our company won’t own these stories, the medium will.


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