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‘Stab It VR’ Launches on Meta Quest, Turning Players into a Second Layer of Entertainment

Updated: Apr 16


April 15, 2024

Toronto, Ontario, Canada—While the virtual reality industry is growing, VR is still not considered by many to be a mainstream medium, with less than 25% of households in the U.S. owning a VR headset last year. However, there's a by-product of VR that has already hit massive mainstream audiences—videos of people in VR looking funny—screaming, falling flat on their faces, jumping into walls, etc., with billions of collected views on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.


This is why veteran VR production company, DimensionGate Inc., developed Stab It VR, a VR game that turns players into a source of entertainment for anyone watching. To understand how, watch the Stab It VR game trailer here:

“I’ve been working in VR since it blew up in 2015,” says Ian Tuason, Founder of DimensionGate Inc. “I personally put hundreds of people in headsets to showcase our work at festivals like SXSW and the Cannes Film Festival, and this experience taught me one important lesson about the VR medium—people watching their friend experience VR in real-space are just as entertained, if not more, than their friend in the actual VR experience, often recording them on their phones and laughing. This is why we made Stab It VR, the VR game you want your friend, dad, or grandma to play, while recording them for a laugh.”


DimensionGate Inc. are no strangers to experimenting in the VR medium, producing and publishing “3:00AM” in March 2015, making it the first live-action VR horror short on YouTube. As of today, “3:00AM” has garnered over 9M organic views, having been shared on social media by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Lil Wayne, proving their hypothesis that VR can be used as a tool to tell traditional cinematic narratives. DimensionGate Inc. is at it again with Stab It VR, this time experimenting with how VR can be used as a tool to prank unsuspecting friends and family.


Stab It VR is now available for $4.99 on Meta Quest.


In the coming weeks, DimensionGate Inc. will be partnering with notable game reviewers to record their comedic interaction playing Stab It VR, as well as social media influencers known for performing public pranks, to play Stab It VR in public and record the candid reactions from real people watching.

For media inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact, or directly on our website.

For media inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact, or visit DimensionGate Inc.’s website:

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