Virtual Reality Videos

For immersive 360° viewing, click the images below using Google Chrome desktop,
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360° VR Web Series

An ongoing series of short, original horror experiences on YouTube. To date, the series has earned 14M+ total views and 40K+ subscribers, and the numbers are growing everyday.


To promote your horror product through a branded episode of our 360° horror series, contact us today. 

Feature Film VR Promo

Scythia Films hired DimensionGate to create a VR experience to promote the theatrical release of their feature film, BANG BANG BABY. The experience takes you, the viewer, into a dark theatre to watch a movie trailer on the big screen when one of the characters in the trailer sits beside you. 


To promote your film with a virtual reality experience set in the story world of your film, contact us today. 

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360° Documentary Series

In collaboration with the Emmy Award-winning Storyline Entertainment, we created a series of three VR video extensions to their feature documentary TAKE LIGHT which aired on the CBC Documentary Channel in 2018. The three VR vignettes shows the lives and spaces of Nigerians affected by the nation's energy crisis.


If you're a TV producer looking for a unique extension for your show, contact us today. 

Branded VR Content

To promote the 2016 kickoff to the Canadian Football League (CFL) season, presented by Adidas, DimensionGate produced a branded 360 VR video following a day in the life of CFL superstar, Mike Reilly.


To promote your brand on YouTube 360, Facebook 360, Gear VR or other VR platforms, contact us today. 

Stereoscopic 3D VR

The American Society of Landscape Architects hired DimensionGate to produce a 3D VR experience on Gear VR to promote Toronto's Underpass Park. The 3D experience spent weeks in the 'Trending' category on Samsung VR. To view in 3D, search "Underpass Park" on Samsung VR, or click the image for monoscopic 360° viewing. 


To showcase a landscape or interior design in stereoscopic 3D VR, contact us today. 

360° VR Music Video

DimensionGate collaborated with Toronto hip hop artist Dusty Wallace to create a 360° music video for his latest single, #KETCHUP. The video uses 1970's grindhouse film grain, VFX and narrative storytelling for a highly stylized 360° music video. DimesnionGate co-directed with Dynamo, and co-produced with Occupied VR.

For your 360° music video production needs, contact us today. 

360° Live Concert

Jam3 and DimensionGate partnered with Snoop Dogg's company Merry Jane to create a 360° live concert video of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa performing on their High Road tour.  Sit in the front row as Snoop passes you a virtual blunt.

To capture your live concert in a stylized immersive 360° video, contact us today. 

Traditional Video Using 360° Footage

Shot by DimensionGate for clients Wemersive and The Chainsmokers, this concert promo video uses a traditional flat video format with 360° footage to force viewer perspective in an action packed environment. 

To use 360° video footage to create an action packed flat video, contact us today. 

LIDAR scanning for Hollywood Movies

Warner Bros and Trailer Park reached out to DimensionGate during the filming of Stephen King’s IT to consult on the creation of a VR experience to promote the film. We were ultimately hired to LIDAR scan multiple sets in Toronto, resulting in this cinematic VR promo which was published to YouTube, Facebook and Samsung VR.

To create CGI environments in VR using live-action LIDAR scans, contact us today. 

VR Real Estate Tour

In collaboration with Remax/Hallmark agent, Siu Ta, we created a virtual reality tour of her neighbourhood. Follow Siu on a guided tour of Riverdale in Toronto, Ontario, as she bicycles past restaurants and schools, and showcases a beautiful open house for a client.


If you're a real estate agent looking to showcase your neighbourhood or properties for sale in a unique way, contact us today. 

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3D Audio VR Performance


Huawei Canada commissioned DimensionGate to produce a branded VR jazz performance using Ambimix 3D audio, showcasing their product's ultra-fast VR streaming capabilities. 


For the latest in 3D sound design in virtual reality, contact us today. 

Dallas VR Park.jpg
Google Odyssey 3D Camera

DimensionGate used the Google Odyssey camera rig to shoot a VR tour of the award-winning Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Texas. This camera offers a seamless, stereoscopic 4K stitch. 


To shoot your next VR video using the Google Odyssey camera rig, contact us today. 

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Insta360 Pro 8K Camera

In collaboration with the American Society of Landscape Architects, DimensionGate produced a VR tour of the award-winning Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, New York, using the newest Insta360 Pro, capable of 8K monoscopic video and 6K stereoscopic video.


To showcase your landscape or venue in 8K resolution, contact us today. 

Cannabis VR Tour

Current Studios hired DimensionGate to capture multiple 360-degree videos inside Organigram's high tech cannabis growing facility in Moncton, New Brunswick, to be used in their virtual tour website here


For your 360-degree videography needs, contact us today.