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We're Bringing VR Sci-Fi, Horror and Action Content to iPhone

A couple of weeks back, YouTube announced that it supports streaming 360 video. It was big news. A ton of people got excited--everyone except Apple users. YouTube's 360 viewable videos are currently only available using Google Chrome or YouTube's app on Android devices. That leaves a few million people with iPhones rolling their eyes.

But that's alright. We at DimensionGate are in talks with VR tech company Wemersive to launch a 360 video iOS app to showcase DimensionGate's current and upcoming 360 films in horror, sci-fi, and action. And what this app's got that YouTube still doesn't (besides compatibility with iOS devices), is the option to view the 360 videos in VR mode.

Here is a test build of our proposed 360 video app on an iPhone 6.

To learn more about our 360 video production services, email us today.

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