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YouTube 360-degree Video Player is Now Available on iPhone

For most of May 2015, my YouTube channel hovered at around half a million total views. Then by the end of the month, my views increased by hundreds of thousands in only a few days.

What the...

I thought another celebrity might have shared my video on their Facebook page, or something.

But no--something bigger happened.

The biggest tech celebrity there is--Google--announced that their YouTube 360-degree video player is now supported by iOS devices.

This opens up the door to millions upon millions of users discovering streaming 360-degree videos.

With YouTube, and soon Facebook, streaming 360-degree video on all platforms, I can't help but wonder when they will stream VR, and will anyone even need to download VR apps to view content, or will everything be streamed online?

As a content creator, it doesn't matter too much to my business model. If anything, the more platforms and easy ways for people to consume my content, the better.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, open up my latest 360-degree film on your YouTube app.


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