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Cinematic VR talk at Vision Summit 2016

Vision Summit 2016, Hollywood, CA -- At a conference sponsored by Unity Technologies, you can expect a lot of developers, programmers and engineers in attendence, eager to learn about new ways to build VR games and deliver them on a myriad of available VR platforms--and the devs sure came--1500 of them roughly.

But amid talks about VR design software, processors, and game engines, I was surprised to see a packed room at Secret Location's cinematic VR capture discussion.

Many game developers in the room were interested in ways to combine CG and live-action in a VR experience. It's safe to say that the line between true VR and 360-degree video is skewing more and more each day--and at each conference.

Only time will tell what will be considered true VR in the years to come. My prediction--a hybrid of light-field live-action video with CG elements interacting with users in real time. Can't wait.

Thanks to CFC Media Lab for bringing me out to L.A. for this awesome conference.

- Ian Tuason

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